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MaterMacc S.p.A.- Company profile

Mr. Antonino (Tony) Fiorido, our President, founded the MaterMacc Company in the early eighties.
Thanks to the constant Company growth, since the beginning of 2006, MaterMacc has moved to its brand new and larger production site. The area is now over 20.000 mt² and the production department now operates in a new building of over 6.000 mt², another production building, will soon be built next to the existing one. This operation shows once again MaterMacc's policy of continuous financial re-investing, aiming to strengthen its assets.

MaterMacc specialises in the design and production of precision pneumatic sowing machines for traditional crops, and a range of specific machines for sowing vegetables in open fields and greenhouses, pneumatic sowing machines for grain, inter-row weeders, fertilizer spreaders and microgranular insecticide distributors.
We also produce electronic equipment for the control and management of agricultural machines such as monitors for precision sowing machines, electronic controls for cereal sowing machines, rotary balers, etc. Our IRRIGAMATIC range of computers dedicated to the management of irrigation reels are supplied to the major manufacturers of these machines worldwide.

MaterMacc researches, designs, builds,develops, assembles and tests every one of its products. The same applies to its electronic equipment. The production of the various components is entrusted to companies with greater qualifications and specialisation in the relevant sectors. This enables MaterMacc to respond rapidly and appropriately to the ever-growing demands of modern agriculture.

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