Advantages MagicSem

Patented MAGICSEM pneumatic seed distributor

» No seed breakage
» Regular, uniform seed drop
» No attrition between seal and disc
» High sowing speeds
» Different seed sizes distributed with the   same disc


Patented MAGICSEM pneumatic seed distributor

The MAGICSEM pneumatic seed distributor is built in such a way as to allow correct distribution of seeds in the ground, with constant and easily adjustable spacing.

» Material (Special IXEF resin)

This significantly expensive resin is easy to manage and maintain, does not rust and is practically resistant to wear and tear.
In addition, it requires less processing, offering greater elasticity in the production stage. It is 10 times more resistant than aluminium, both to bending and twisting. It also perfectly able to withstand wide variations in temperature.

» Sowing disc seat

In the MaterMacc distributor, the disc is carried by a large plate, mounted on two bearings.
The suction section is delimited by a single seal. These technical choices reduce attrition to a minimum, enabling easy and constant rotation of the disc.

This results in:
» Low transmission power.
» Optimal seed drop even at high working speeds.
» Very little wear to the seals and discs.

» Agitators

These are a part of the disc-bearing plate and convey motion to the disc itself. This makes the MaterMacc disc very simple and inexpensive.

» Blade dividing the opening

This is mounted in such a way as to divide the disc opening in half. Patented by MaterMacc. This blade prevents seeds with a pointed shape, such as sunflower or certain varieties of maize, from being suctioned by the tip and damaged by the selector or the seal.
This prevents shortage of seeds in the early stage, or the sowing of a damaged seed at a later one. Furthermore, it allows different sizes of seed to be sown without having to change the disc. In the absence of a blade dividing the opening in the distributors, users of our competitor's machines are forced to change the disc every time the selector is unable to manage a particular size of seed, or when a particular variety is too large to be managed by the diameter of the opening available.

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