MaterMacc manufactures innovative and quality products for the needs of modern agriculture and gives service to the professional customer
Being a point of reference for the world of agriculture, driving growth in a sustainable way thanks to a technologically advanced and quality product portfolio
MaterMacc is an Italian company specializing in the design and production of pneumatic precision seed drills for traditional crops, specific machines for sowing vegetables in open fields as well as pneumatic and mechanical-pneumatic seed drills for cereals, direct seed drills, in-row weeders, fertilizer spreaders and insecticide and microgranular distributors.
It also produces electronic equipment for the control and management of agricultural machinery and tools for irrigation management: monitors for precision planters and electronic control.
Since November 2022 MaterMacc has been part of the Pöttinger Landtechnik Gmbh group.
Today MaterMacc employs 88 people and is present with its products on the foreign markets of Europe, Russia, Australia and the Americas.
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MaterMacc quickly became a prominent company in the agricultural sector, starting to sell equipment initially across Northern Italy and soon after gaining a high reputation for both meeting customers’ needs and providing strong after-sales service. MaterMacc grown rapidly over the years, it started the business with a small facility of 400 square meters which today gets to an overall area of 110,000 square meters of which 14.500 are covered by buildings and eight hectares of land-hold.
The year 2015 marked the beginning of a new era as MaterMacc became part of a large international group which is today a world leading corporation in the AG business.
Over these years MaterMacc significantly grew the business and disclosed opportunities in new markets expanding its presence in over seventy countries all over the world.
During all this time significant financial resources were invested to promote the renewal and improvement of company’s organization:
-          The establishment of a new Spare Parts Department of 800 square meters stocking over 7.000 “all Made in Italy” items which are produced in accordance with the same high-quality standards of the components used in the manufacturing of the equipment.
-          The establishment of a new Electronics Department of 500 square meters stocking over 2.000 “all Made in Italy” items.
-          The establishment of a third production facility to increase the company's overall production capacity.
-          The creation of a wide, welcoming and bright showroom with a break area for visitors.
-          The complete revision of the Lean Production’s Layout of Precision Planters and Drillmachine for cereals.
Today MaterMacc is led by Poettinger Landtechnik GmbH, has become a leading company in the agricultural business thanks to the development of new technologies and design innovation, continuous investment in R&D activities, safety and quality certifications completion while providing outstanding sales, after sales and logistics service.

Production plant

MaterMacc plants cover an Area of 30.000 m2 which includes 3 areas designated for the following Departments:
Building A: Commercial and Administration Department, Marketing Department, Electronics Department, Purchasing and Planning Department, Production Line;
Building B: Spare Parts Department, Logistic Department, Loading Area and MaterMacc’s Warehouse;
Building C: Research & Development and After Sales Department, Production Line.



The Land of MaterMacc covers an area of about 6 hectares and it is located adjacent of the production plant.
MaterMacc uses its lands for testing new machines, to promote them throughout events with the dealers, or to let customers test the machines before the purchasing.
All testing activities are certified by outsider Institutes, such as the most important Italian Universities known as the top experts in agriculture.
In MaterMacc’s Lands are tested the prototype machines by comparison of seeding and harvesting of which quality and quantity are distinguished.
This is the reason why all certifications of MaterMacc are official and are defined by objective results.

Electronics Department

The MaterMacc Electronics Department is strongly organized and measures an area of ​​500 square meters.
The Electronics Team was put together including seven engineers who are involved with the management of the products full process, starting from production, implementation to both sales and after-sales assistance.
The Electronic department stocking over 2.000 all "Made in Italy” codes are handled through a bar code reader, which combined with a state-of-the-art computer system, allows to have the traceability of the product in all its processing steps.
To date, in addition to the historic Irrigamatic series, we complete the range with the new line of control units for self-propelled sprinklers and motor-pumps.
Furthermore, the department produces the monitors seeding control which complete MaterMacc seed drills.