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Nov 15 - 2022


Eima 2022, the international exhibition of agricultural machinery, has ended.
A highly anticipated event that allowed MaterMacc to return to a major trade fair.
The undisputed star of stand A10, Hall 26, was the MS9100 precision planter with new MS9000 seeding unit. The 9000 Series is characterised by its functional design and high ground load pressure designed primarily for minimum tillage and no-till seeding. The 9000 element achieves maximum load of up to 250 kg in the no-till configuration at the point of contact of the furrow-opening disc via the classic spring system. The electrically-driven EVO seeding distributor allows up to 14 km/h with high precision, and via the ISOBUS connection, the machine can be operated from the tractor monitor. The alternator and capacitor battery fitted as standard allows any type of tractor to be used, without any limitations. 
The new MaterMacc element is suitable for use in Precision Farming: its technology exploits communication protocols that allow the recording of sowing data and the use of the history to optimize future sowing.
The other top models on display were:
- MS8230 SUPERELEKTRO with Refill system, the seeder is unique of its kind because it is equipped with an "easy-set" frame (automatic setting of the inter-row) on a folding frame in 5 sections with a road transport contained in 3.2 meters and a working width of 9 meters (12x75cm version on display). The absolute novelty presented is the Refill system, which is a basic seed reserve device provided by a front hopper, which automatically refills the rear seeders with the help of electronically monitored sensors and valves. In this way, productivity is increased without changing the configuration of the planter.
- MSD ELEKTRO: seed drill for cereals, on minimum tillage, consolidated in the European market. In this case Matermacc has focused on the further evolution of the sowing element. The need to proceed faster and faster in tough soils has led us to build a sowing element of a strength never seen before and a parallelogram system that almost certifies the control of the sowing depth.
- SVA ELEKTRO: multipurpose front hopper that can be combined with InRow Weeder or seeder, be they precision or for cereal seed drills. In this way, without any changes relating to the addition of accessories and so on, it is possible:
Combine it with InRow Weeder for the distribution of granular fertilizers in post-emergency;
Combine it with precision seeders for the distribution of granular fertilizers in pre-emergency;
Combine it again with precision seed drills with the brand new Refill system to increase sowing productivity (corn or soybeans) by exploiting the 2200-liter loading volume of the front hopper;
Combine it with drills for autumn-winter cereals for distribution in combination with rear bars or machines combined with folding rotary harrows.
- UNICA PVI EASY SET: InRow Weeder rare to find on the market because it is equipped with a rapid inter-row adjustment system inherited from the experience on precision seeders. In the configuration presented at Eima, it is presented with the brand new automatic guide with optical recognition of the plants to be preserved and consequently detects the strips of soil to be weeded with an autonomous transverse movement operated by a hydraulic system applied to the subframe. It is a system developed entirely by Matermacc in collaboration with the University of Trieste: the demonstration of how much the italian company is oriented to internal technological development, especially in the electronic field, and to the attention of Organic Farming.
- MIPLUS: electronic distribution control system (sowing, fertilizer, microgranular products) developed by Matermacc. It has been on the market for a couple of years now with incredible success and satisfaction of the customers who have purchased it and it is constantly evolving to extend it to all Matermacc equipment. An important technical innovation linked to it has allowed EIMA to win the 2022 Technical Innovation Award ... come and discover it at the MaterMacc stand and at the EIMA Quadriportico!
- IRRIGAMATIC B E NET: not least the irrigation solutions signed by MaterMacc will be presented. The Irrigamatic electronic management monitors can be applied to all self-propelled sprinklers, turbine sprinklers, with internal combustion or hydraulic return engines and are characterized by the new generation applied electronics designed to make irrigation machines functional and performing. The special control units of the NET Series allow you to carry out work operations remotely, thanks to the connection with the new MM Connecta web app - compatible with all Android and IoS systems, tablets, smartphones, Ipads, iPhones and smart TVs. This solution allows integration with the xFarm platform, the new generation platform dedicated to smart-farming with advanced data analysis and optimization tools dedicated to connected farms.

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