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May 31 - 2022


Making the most of the presence of water is one of the most pressing needs of the modern farmer. The machines and systems for sprinkler irrigation, including the control units applied to them, offer an advantageous aid to the irrigation activity as they allow the water pressure to be exploited in the best possible way with a consequent saving of the precious natural resource.
The MaterMacc IRRIGAMATIC electronic management monitors can be applied to all self-propelled sprinklers, turbine, pneumatic, with internal combustion engine or with hydraulic return and are characterized by the new generation applied electronics designed to make irrigation machines functional and performing. Among the electronic control units of the Italian manufacturer, the Irrigamatic B and Irrigamatic NET products stand out: these provide for the same operation with the exception of the remote connection (a peculiar feature of the NET version).
Irrigamatic B is characterized by an interface based on the 16x2 backlit LCD display and 6 scroll keys. The selection and setting of the control parameters are organized in menus to ensure automatic, simple and safe management of the machine. Among the many activities managed by the monitor are: the measurement of the unrolled and rewound tube, the settings of the start and end time of work, the setting of the initial and final pause from 0 to 120 min, the adjustment of the working speed from 1 to 4 sectors (from 4 to 850 m / h), the indication of the irrigation time and the time of end of work, the crop override function for targeted irrigation, the setting of the 2nd jet control in three different modes (time, space or final pause), the setting of the work end time with an eventual automatic recalculation of the parameters as a percentage.
With the MTR expansion wiring, complete safety control of the diesel engine used for recovery is obtained: the control unit allows you to switch on or stop only at the time of 'recovery' or during the actual irrigation phase (return of the trolley). The main engine parameters are also checked and shown on the display. In the photo below, the MTR wiring for connection to the MaterMacc B / NET control unit on the auxiliary diesel engine: the exchange of data and information from the control unit and engine takes place quickly and easily through this connection.
Irrigamatic NET maintains the same characteristics as version B, bringing a significant advantage to the range: the sprinkler can be controlled remotely. What does it mean? Thanks to the connection with the new MM Connecta web app - compatible with all Android and IoS systems, tablets, smartphones, Ipads, iPhones and smart TVs - work operations can be carried out comfortably from home. This translates into savings in time and money for operators who do not have to go to the field to work directly on the machine.
Irrigamatic NET control unit applied to self-propelled sprinkler

Irrigamatic NET in campo 3.jpg
Dettaglio Irrigamatic NET in campo 1.jpeg