Feb 02 - 2021


Whether you already operate in an ISOBUS environment or not, MaterMacc has your back and gives you high-tech solutions to your seeding control needs.
If you already embraced the ISOBUS system you might want to consider the MS8000 Elektro series of vacuum precision planters which comply natively to both ISOBUS and ISO 11783 standards.
The MS ELEKTRO planters offer electric drive of the seeding units and thanks to the ISOBUS system, they can communicate with a wide variety of tractor brands sharing wirings and monitors with other ISOBUS implements.
MiPlus is an advanced control system for mechanical planter that is not ISOBUS, however it still doesn’t require dedicated monitor or wirings since it works wirelessly and with a tablet you might already own.
The MiPlus system offers the same function controls an Isobus ECU does, moreover, without having to buy any additional expensive license, MiPlus users can also check: seeding quality control according to ISO 7256/1; fan speed; work statistics, and benefit from a remote assistance service where our technicians connect to your tablet via the internet and can guide you setting up the machine for work
One more nice feature of the MiPlus system is that whenever an update is released, the user can install it on his own and continue working in full efficiency.