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We offer high-quality, locally sourced spare parts that have been verified and tested by us

MaterMacc has a wide range of Original Spare Parts, made with the same high quality components used for the manufacture of the Machines.
This choice came from MaterMacc's need to maintain an high performance of the products over the time.
The MaterMacc Spare Parts department is strongly structured. It measures about 800 square meters and is equipped with advanced packaging machines.
Over 7,000 codes are managed and over 20,000 Original and "Made in Italy" spare parts codes are handled per year. These are collected through a barcode reader and recorded within state-of-the-art computer systems.
The Spare Parts orders of MaterMacc dealers, are managed with the Plug: this is a WEB platform used to places the orders on a monthly, weekly, or urgent deadline, in autonomy.
In the Plug system is possible to preview the availability of the material, the photo of each part and download all the documentation.
Thanks to the Plug it is also possible to download technical tables, updated price lists and any other notifications relating to company news.
The MaterMacc Spare Parts department is managed by the manager and by three expert warehouse workers who deal with the receipt of goods, order management, material packaging and relative shipment with the completion of the documentation.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any need, we are at your service!
Annalisa Drì
Tel. +39 0434.1680307
Mobile +39 392.3812213