Sep 27 - 2021



Two configurable seeder models to sow any type of land!
MaterMacc has always been a clear benchmark for innovation and technology applied to agriculture.
All technological innovations labelled by MaterMacc have been developed in all details by its Research and Development Department.
Once again MaterMacc answers the needs of customer allowing to choose among different customizations.
MaterMacc mechanical seeder for cereals GRANO.
Ideal for conventional sowing on well-prepared soils. Available models:
- Shoe opener;
- Single disc opener;
- Double disc opener;
- Working widths 2.50 m, 3 m and 4 m;
- Possibility of both seed and seed/fertilizer version.
MaterMacc mechanical seed drill GRANO-X
Ideal for sowing on minimum till conditions. Available models:
- Tine openers on three ranks arrangement;
- Single disc openers on three ranks arrangement with high down-force system;
- 3.0 m actual working width;
- Possibility of distribution both seed and seed/fertilizer;
- Conversion kit from mounted to pull-type;
MaterMacc design metering units/distributors, unique system brings performance into a higher gear:
- Possibility to distribute seed or seed/fertilizer;
- The metering system can also be used in combination to distribute mixed seeds of different sizes (green spool-large seeds; yellow spool-small seeds). At the same time, in the case one of the fertilizer dosing rollers is used, it will be possible to use the yellow spool to distribute microgranular fertilizer or microgranulator for other treatments;
- It is possible to quickly select the desired metering roller reel and set the distribution rates just acting on the guillotine closing system.
MaterMacc design agitators:
- More and more versatile and performing while not aggressive with the mixing action;
- MaterMacc researched design is hermetically sealed to protect from dust and from contaminations of any external agent and it also allows to control the metering roller reels in operation through the transparent inspection window;
- Self-adapting feelers with centralized adjustment.
Openers for all needs:
The seeding coulters of MaterMacc Mechanical Drill GRANO are characterized by theur light weight design but extreme sturdiness in construction.
Single and double disc seeding element
- Centralized adjustment;
- The single disc opener is suitable for medium-texture soils in the most common soil preparation practices;
- The double disc is suitable for heavier/tougher soils and it can be equipped with a rear gauge wheel for precise seeding depth control.
The seeding elements of MaterMacc mechanical drill GRANO-X are arranged on three gangs to improve the free flow of crop residues avoid in this way clogging.
Single disc and tine openers:
- Seeding element down-force easy and quick adjustment.
- The tine seeding element is recommended to work on tough soils and stony conditions. Down-force up to 40 Kg per unit;
- The single disc seeding element is suitable on medium-texture soils but also clay soils with crop residues on surface. Down-force up to 45 kg per unit.