Feb 02 - 2021


MiPlus: a new concept of control system specifically designed by MaterMacc to answer our customers’ needs.
Designed and developed based on users’ feedback, MiPlus aims to represent a wireless solution to the need of those who require an easy control system with an intuitive graphic interface.
The MiPlus App (available for both iOS or Android) connects wirelessly to the ECU installed on the planter and allows to control the exclusion of up to 12 rows, load frequently used settings and visualize numerous working data among which:
  • quality of seeding (ISO 7256/1);
  • average distance between seeds and seed population on the whole field or on the single row;
  • Working speed, Hectar counter and Productivity value;
  • Vacuum pressure and many others.
If needed, MaterMacc can offer a dedicated tablet as an optional accessory. In this case, one full year of remote assistance service is offered free of charge (data connection required on the tablet for remote assistance only).