Apr 07 - 2021


If not managed appropriately, herbicides can impose a great degree of selection pressure on weed populations and herbicide-resistant or herbicide-tolerant species can build up in the population.
Row-crop cultivators represent a valid alternative that can also manage effectively weed species that became resistant or tolerant to chemical herbicides on crops sown with wide row spacings such as maize, beet, soya, tomato or other horticultural crops. With the rotary finger attachment, weed control can also be extended to the row of cultivated plants. 
By breaking up the first 4-8cm of soil in the inter-row strip, the elements of the weeder devitalize the weeds and prevent them from competing with the crop for water and nutrients. In addition, in clayey or loamy soils rich in micropores, mechanical weeding creates a slight surface clodiness with a mulching effect that interrupts the capillary rise of water and its loss through evaporation, maintaining humidity at level of the root system.
Breaking the surface crust allows a more uniform incorporation of rainwater, improving its absorption by the root system and reducing surface runoff, which is one of the causes of soil loss through erosion.
Row-crop cultivation is also useful for containing production costs and rationalising the use of urea fertilization. Aiming to reduce the number of interventions in the field, it is possible to bury the urea at while working with the cultivator. If not buried, about 30% of urea can be lost in the atmosphere due to volatilization after only one week from the distribution without rain. 
All UNICA row-crop cultivators can be equipped with systems for the distribution of granular fertilisers. Alternatively, configurations with fixed frame of at least 6 meters or UNICA-PVI models can be equipped with 800 litres tanks to be used for liquid fertilization.
Why should you choose MaterMacc for your row crop cultivator?
Wide range of machine configurations; with fixed, foldable and hydraulic frames available, you’ll definitely find one that fits your needs.
  • The compactness of the cultivator reduces the overhanging weight on the tractor increasing its stability during work.
  • Sturdy and reliable parallelogram commonly used on all MaterMacc precision planters
  • Simply to set-up and quickly adjustable settings.
  • Fertilizer distributor available on all UNICA models can also be fitted with electric drive.
  • For those who need it, a trailed version for road transport is also available.
Easy-Set system available on UNICA PVI
Take advantage of our patented technology to adapt your MaterMacc row crop cultivator to more inter-row distances. 
Using one single tool you can adjust the distance between cultivating units according to the crop you want to work on even if it has been planted in twin rows.
Purchasing one single UNICA PVI row crop cultivator and a smart selection of accessories you can functionally own up to three different machines but only one rests in your shed during the off-season.