Technical Assistance

We provide the necessary assistance to all our partners to maintain an high performance of MaterMacc products

All MaterMacc products have an high quality in terms of manufacturing and yield in the field. 
The business of MaterMacc products is managed by a sales network characterized by qualified dealers and importers, who are our partners. 
For any need MaterMacc responds and finds quick solutions through a highly professional Technical Assistance Team, which can define in-depth technical knowledge as the cornerstones of its specialist preparation. 
The Technical Assistance Department is characterized by a team of 4 specialized technicians and 3 vehicles dedicated to on-site assistance.
We take care of the training of our dealers in terms of technical assistance, guaranteeing over a thousand hours of technical training both in person and remotely, through Google Meet or other systems that can help the customer, per year. 
For us, in addition to the quality of our products, the quality of the service is also a fundamental aspect.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any need, we are at your service!
Lorenzo Cappello
Tel. +39 0434.1680367
Mobile +39 338.6354808