Electronic unit for MOTOR-PUMP control and protection
- Diagnostic and protection of motor-pump unit:
• Oil pressure
• Engine temperature check and overheat protection
• Automatic engine shutdown in case of belt breakage
• Low fuel warning
• Liquid levels
• Engine rev count and overspeed protection
• Fuel consumption

- Manual (engine rev) and/or automatic (operating pressure) operating mode:
• Engine pre-heating and cool-down management
• Timerized operation management
• Serial comunication with MaterMacc Irrigamatic for irrigation management

- Hot swap between manual and automatic mode operation (rpm control/pressure control);

- Automatic engine start with up to 5 ignition attempts;

- Manual switch for service operations (e.g. bleeding fuel line);

- Automatic clutch input;

- Hour meter;

- Maintenance reminders can be set in a dedicated sub-menu;

- Can be used to manage electric motors too;

- Suitable for all kinds of farming conditios: frost protection, fruit crops, vegetable crops, vineyards, open field.

Electronic unit for MOTOR-PUMP control and protection