Sowing autumn-winter cereals with MSD Elektro

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Oct 06 - 2023

Sowing autumn-winter cereals with MSD Elektro

The importance of a versatile and reliable distributor

MSD ELEKTRO is the machine suitable for an agronomic approach that goes from the conventional technique to minimum tillage.
The different configuration possibilities of the sowing units make it suitable for any soil texture, including stony ones thanks to a robust structure designed to absorb impacts and a high adjustable load on the furrow opener cutting edge.

The hydraulic folding hinges are suitably reinforced, as are all the rotation fulcrums, using pins with special treatments or bearings with oblique tracks to absorb the combined efforts. MSD ELEKTRO is a completely electrically activated and transformable seeder with a unique Isobus protocol.
MSD Elektro…some numbers:
Working widths: 5 and 6 metres
Number of files: from 32 up to 48
Single disc or double disc sowing elements
Road size: 2.7 metres
1300 liter tank with double filtering grid and electronic scale for sowing test
Distribution: 4 dispensers (for large or small seeds) and 4 distribution heads
MaterMacc's MagicDrill distributors have been designed for the most disparate applications without the need to change any spool inside them. With the same dispenser it is possible to distribute seeds of all sizes, small-medium-large, or granular fertilizers as needed. The result is a machine with great distribution versatility.
MSD Elektro also features 4 dosers and 4 distribution heads on the seeding bar. This allows homogeneity of distribution for each single row. The particular configuration gives access to further advantages: instantaneous distribution with the heads low close to the elements and a lower risk of clogging thanks to shorter circuits.

Among the most appreciated distribution features:
Dosage up to 460 kg/ha
Spool for small seeds (minimum distribution 2 Kg/ha) and 4 spools for large seeds
Adjustable probes with easy external access
Quick and easy sowing setting with the lamella system; it is not necessary to operate on the spools, much less open the dispensers except for ordinary maintenance at the end of the season
Sowing control and settings with Monitor X4 (12 Volt)
Automatic dosage variation (DPA)
Prestart and Prestop integrated
Last November we went to Premariacco to collect the testimony of the customer De Sabbata.
MSD Elektro was sowing barley: 280 kg/h at 10 km/h on stony ground.
'The spaced wheels improve the sowing position, resulting in a stable machine. Furthermore, the element is heavy so it works well on all types of soil and maintains a constant and homogeneous depth during processing. From our experience, the sowing quantities are respected: the X4 control system is very practical in increasing the dosages even during the work phase'.

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