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Jan 29 - 2024

Weeding and fertilising: combined cultivation practices for weed control

MaterMacc weeding machines for inter-row weeding and fertilisation

Weeding is an increasingly used practice to combat weeds. It is a surface-level tillage of the soil that consists of loosening and crumbling the soil at the sides of the plants to control weeds and aerate the soil to preserve humidity and favour root development.
What are the main advantages of weeding? 
- Weeding the inter-row strip improves growing conditions for crops
- Breaking up the surface crust increases gas exchange at root level to the benefit of crop development
- The light suckering created on the surface has a mulching function and reduces water loss through evaporation by keeping it in the layers below
Organic' practices that do not involve the use of herbicides are complemented by weeding activities aimed at burying fertiliser or insecticide. In the long run, however, chemical weeding selects resistant weed populations that can only be effectively controlled by weeding mechanically.
Unica PVI, the MaterMacc solution for weeding and fertilisatio
Unica PVI was born as a mechanical weeder and can be equipped with fertiliser distributors to combine weeding with fertilisation practices aimed at maximising the effects of the agronomic practice that combats weeds. 
MaterMacc fertiliser tanks are supplied with the Variovolumex system, with a capacity ranging from 215 to 1000 litres. 
These are volumetric dosing units that bury the granular fertiliser below the crops by gravity fall or pneumatic transport.
Adjustment is made by turning the knob below the hopper. Spreading is controlled as standard by a toothed wheel on the ground that drives a mechanical transmission or by classic wheels with a subframe. A version with electric drive of the distribution via the MIPLUS control system developed by MaterMacc is also available.
Unica PVI weeders Easy-Set version with fertilisation are supplied with a pneumatic stainless steel MIDI tank. This system, with pneumatic flow for each row, facilitates the transformation of the weeder's rows when, for example, changing from an 8x75 cm to a 12x45 cm; in fact, it is sufficient to add the hoses to the distribution heads and position the fertiliser drop point on the rows being worked.
UNICA PVI also allows fertiliser to be distributed via the MaterMacc front hopper, model SVA. SVA is a universal hopper that can be used both for sowing cereals and during fertilisation in rows for precision sowing. Finally, MaterMacc weeding machines allow fertiliser to be distributed in liquid form via the 800-litre FTS front hopper, suitable for small tractors.

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