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Jul 06 - 2022


MaterMacc will not miss the appointment with Innov-agri, the reference fair for the French market dedicated to agricultural machinery manufacturers: an open-field event whose goal is to bring farmers closer to suppliers, allowing them to touch the innovations of the sector. The appointment is set for 7 and 8 September 2022 in Ondes, in the province of Haute-Garonne. The Friulian manufacturer will take the opportunity to present the important product innovations through a range of precision and cereal seeders particularly suited - in the special configurations on display - to the needs of the French market.

The undisputed star of stand E39 will be the MS9100 precision seeder with the new MS9000 seeding element. Presented as a preview to the international public, the 9000 Series stands out for its functional design and the high pressure of the load on the ground designed primarily for minimum tillage and hard seeding.
The 9000 element has a sturdy structure given by the parts obtained from tempered cast iron blocks and obtains the maximum load up to 250 kg in the hard configuration on the contact point of the furrow opener through the classic spring system. The electrically operated EVO seed distributor allows to reach 14 km / h with high precision and through the ISOBUS connection, the machine can be operated from the tractor monitor. The alternator and capacitor bank fitted as standard, allows the use of any kind of tractor, without any limit.
The new MaterMacc element is also suitable for use in Precision Farming: its technology exploits communication protocols that allow the recording of sowing data and the use of the log to optimize future sowings.

The other top models on the field will be:

- SVA ELEKTRO: front tank equipped with electric transmission dosers managed by X4 control monitor. The main advantage of the new MaterMacc front tank is its versatility which allows it to be used in multiple ways: in combination with a precision seeder or cereal seeder, increasing the sowing capacity and consequently productivity; with weeder for the simultaneous supply of fertilizer to the desired crop; with seed drill for cereals combined with a folding rotary harrow to improve the balance of the machine and limit compaction.

- MSD FTC in the 5 meter wide version for sowing cereals, forage crops and rapeseed on worked or semi-worked soil, distinguished by a large front tank. The working widths vary from 5 to 6 meters with a minimum standard spacing of 12.5 cm. The 4 dispensers are driven by an electric motor and controlled by the sowing monitor which allows you to quickly vary the sowing investment by setting the desired value. It also controls the seeding flow for each section.

- MS8230 ELEKTRO in the 7-row version with mixed inter-row spacing for combined male and female sowing: very versatile and compact mounted machine that allows you to work even with very light tractors. The foldable frame allows for a small footprint even with working widths of 6 meters. The patented Easy-Set interchangeable limit switch ring system allows you to easily and effortlessly vary the sowing row. The electric transmission system guarantees instant sowing in restarts and elimination of slippages.

- UNICA F: inter-row weeder appreciated by customers for its compactness and simplicity of construction. It will be presented in an 'expo' version, with an example of the different configurations available on the market.
- IRRIGAMATIC B E NET: not least the irrigation solutions by MaterMacc will be presented. The Irrigamatic electronic management monitors are applicable to all self-propelled sprinklers, turbine sprinklers, with internal combustion or hydraulic return engines and are characterized by the new generation applied electronics designed to make irrigation machines functional and performing.
The special NET Series control units allow you to perform work operations remotely, thanks to the connection with the new MM Connecta web app - compatible with all Android and IoS systems, tablets, smartphones, Ipads, iPhones and smart TVs.
This solution allows integration with the X-Farm platform, the new generation platform that allows you to keep crops under control and optimize irrigation activities, taking into account atmospheric data and weather forecasts.

MaterMacc will meet you at STAND E39!
Ondes, Haute Garonne
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