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Jan 15 - 2021

Products Announcements 2021


Relaunch of the product range, Investments in R&D and Production, Agriculture 4.0
MaterMacc brand products evolve thanks to electronic and mechanical innovations
to ensure faster, more precise, connected and fully financed transactions by incentives
Agriculture 4.0
A full line of products for soil tillage and care, for precision sowing and
cereals also available in the typical red and yellow color to enhance the specificity of
brand name.

In a year that has just ended that will be remembered for the global hardships and difficulties, agriculture has maintained a fundamental role in the economy of the countries and has highlighted, even more, the need for evolution in mechanization and in the technologies to be "put in the field " to improve performance and efficiency.
In this scenario, equipment manufacturers are at the forefront and MaterMacc, for years, has been investing both in the factory sector and in product development to optimize productivity and precision at the service of the end customer.
2020 saw, for MaterMacc, the completion of several projects already anticipated in the industry premieres and, as if to sanction a restart signal, for 2021 it presents a range of equipment never so rich in new models and innovative features.
A FULL LINE of machines for the care and fertilization of the product (Sprayer MBS) and of the soil (Rock subsoilers, UNICA weeders, MMX and MCA fertilizers) but above all a complete range of seed drills for cereals (mechanical, pneumatic and sub-surface UST) and precision seeders (MS, MSO) from which the 2021 innovations stand out: the precision seed drills MS8000 in the “ELEKTRO” and “EVO” versions.
Always the company's core business, the range of precision seed drills has never been so complete. In 2021 the classic MS8000 series with countless frame variants (Fixed, Telescopic, Folding), tank (fertilizer, micro) and accessories are joined by the innovative “ELEKTRO” and “EVO” versions.
Il nome “ELEKTROidentifica l’azionamento elettrico (anziché meccanico) della trasmissione di semina.
Questa sostanziale differenza permette di attivare (o escludere) singolarmente ogni distributore con evidenti vantaggi pratici:
  • Macchina più semplice perché priva di ingranaggi e rinvii;
  • Attivazione e disattivazione istantanea della trasmissione;
  • Assenza di slittamenti;
  • Monitoraggio istantaneo della semina;
  • Stop e pre-start file automatico e specifico per ogni fila;
  • Bassa manutenzione.
The name "ELEKTRO" identifies the electric (rather than mechanical) drive of the seeding transmission.
This substantial difference allows each vending machine to be activated (or excluded) individually with obvious practical advantages:
  • Simpler machine because it lacks gears and referrals;
  • Instant activation and deactivation of transmission;
  • Absence of slippage;
  • Instant monitoring of sowing;
  • Automatic and specific stop and pre-start file for each row;
  • Low maintenance

    All the "ELEKTRO" are ISOBUS but also adaptable to older generation tractors thanks to the monitors (and GPS antennas) offered as an option.
The “EVO” seeders, on the other hand, differ from the standard ones for a higher speed / precision ratio (according to ISO 7256). They can sow up to 12km / h while maintaining almost total precision thanks to a new seeding distributor, to an increased element to stabilize the yield at high speeds, to a specific furrow opener with widia scrapers supported by high performance bearings and protections. anti contamination.

Ultimately, the "EVO" is a seed drill of a higher category than the classic and standard MS8000 in all respects because it improves performance even at traditional speeds of use from 6 to 8 km / h.
Finally, the design of the fertilizer tanks with a capacity of 1200 liters for the MS8130 models is also new.
The “EVO” machines also have a unique feature: The MiPlus electronic system that monitors seeding precision, as an alternative to the classic version with mechanical transmission or “ELEKTRO”.
The MiPlus system actually creates a wireless connection channel between an ECU (already installed on the
"EVO" machines) and any smartphone or tablet, communicating the performance and status data of each individual
queue directly to the APP that can be downloaded from the stores for both Android and iOS (or already installed on a Tablet
provided as an option by Matermacc which includes a one-year subscription to remote teleassistance services).
The operator will have immediate and constant visibility on the functions of:
  • Performance: working speed measured by the wheel sensor, fan speed, depression, worked area, investment, productivity (ha / h);
  • Quality of work: efficiency expressed as a percentage, control of doubles or failures, population for each single row. 
Each visible function can be recorded for statistical analysis and set for the specific crop so as to be quickly recalled if necessary.
Thanks to the application, the remote assistance service is also available: the customer can contact and send the data to the MaterMacc service center for a prompt diagnosis and immediate feedback on improvements or maintenance to be made for 100% operation of the system. This solution was developed by MaterMacc internal Research and Development and is the only one available on the market for this type of machine.


Synonymous and symbol of innovation, all MaterMacc “ELEKTRO” equipment are ISOBUS and therefore contribute to the “Agriculture 4.0” funding if the tractor they are combined with meets the same standards.
The machines equipped with the MiPlus system, on the other hand, are truly unique and are suitable for accessing the contribution regardless of the tractor they are combined with. All the technical requirements to access funding come satisfied directly by this system, which can be combined with any precision planter of the series MS8000 up to 12 rows in Standard or “EVO” version.

This feature makes the latest generation MaterMacc equipment unique in its kind and adds to it to the product excellences that still today remain among the uniqueness of the company, such as the Easy-Set system for the quick and simple change of sowing widths and the Magicsem distributor which in 2021 will reach, thanks to its continuous evolutions, levels of precision, speed and connection never seen before.
In conclusion, MaterMacc has always combined the tradition of the Italian manufacturing company at customer service with a strong propensity for innovation. The renewal of the headquarters in San Vito al Tagliamento is also part of this context, a process already started in 2015 and in continuous evolution which has led to the complete redefinition and rationalization of the departments and internal logistical processes, optimizing production and increasing efficiency and safety at work.

To reiterate the specificity and uniqueness of the brand, from 2021, all MaterMacc models will also be available in the typical red and yellow color